The 4 DJs Of The Apocalypse

‘The 4 Djs Of The Apocalypse’ are Death, Famine, Pestilence & War
They are aided in their METAL quest by the ever faithful ‘Apocalypse Crew’


Before I set out to bring about the Apocalypse I was known as Dj Sly. When I was about 15 my friend wanted to see Pantera for his birthday but didn’t want to go alone, so I said I’d go with him even though I’d never heard their stuff. In one night I was Introduced to balls to the walls Metal and Real Moshing and I haven’t looked back since.
Within a few years I was spreading the shredding on the promotions team for the local metal club (Coma, Romford). By the Age of 18 I had drunk my way to the top of promotions and got a slot as a Dj. After that I began scaring the locals, Dj’in around the London scene, my favourite memory being, playing from the convertible Cadillac Dj stand @ Adrenaline. Monster fun.
After a few years of guesting at other clubs i got offered a chance to open my own. Freak, Romford was born and a storming success. We even made Metal Hammer’s ‘club of the month’ November 2001. Things didn’t stop there, after playing at least 50 clubs around the UK and running a few of my own, my skills were recognised and i was offered the chance to play a stage at Bloodstock. I knew I couldn’t do 14 hours a day alone so I put out word that I was Auditioning Metal Djs for the job of helping me bring about the Apocalypse.

Its been tough, lots of blood and sweat but I’ve found the guys for the job and our powers combine to form…. ‘The 4 Dj’s Of The Apocalypse’ – The unstoppable Metal machine! Some of my influences include Clutch, Pantera, Kyuss, Tool, Metallica & Megadeth but I’ll give any metal a listen.



Before taking on the essence of War, I was known as The Bob. My first introduction to metal was finding Metallica’s Black Album on a school trip. Instantly, reality was turned upside down and inside out. I couldn’t believe my ears!!!
Jumping head first into the headbanging world, my eyes were soon opened to the sheer vastness of the metal genre and all the shit kicking bands that awaited me!
My first ever gig was Ozzfest ’98, where I got to spend my day watching a handful of my favourite bands and discovering so many more.
My introduction to DJing was working as a flyer bitch for DJ Sly at Freak. Slowly working my way up the echelons, I got my first slot as a warm up DJ in 2000. From that day on I was hooked. Not content with just DJing, I played in several bands, trained as a sound technician, produced band demos and worked as an instrument technician for music videos.

After doing my own thing for a few years, I once again found myself behind the decks and under the wing of DJ Sly. Being the Yoda-esk behemoth he is, I had to complete a grueling series of tests to prove I was capable of claiming the brute force that is WAR of the Apocalypse.
After many months, it was finally declared that I was War. Taking on Bloodstock 2009 was absolutely my biggest challenge to date, but one I relished and accomplished with a bottle of Jager in my hand!!!

As for influences, it’s incredibly hard to pin it down to a single band or genre. Metallica will always be the band who kick started it all for me, but so many more now inhabit my collection. Ranging from the punch in the face metal of Pantera, Slayer, Dream Evil and Devil Driver, all the way to cheesy cock rock like AC/DC, Mr Big, Whitesnake and Ugly Kid Joe.


Before taking on the essence of Pestilence, I was known as DJ Corruption. I was given my first shot at DJ’ing at DECIBEL! (Southend) by DJ Decibel. Soon after I entered and won the 4DJOTA ultimate DJ battle 2010, where I became a Spawn DJ and a year later was offered the opportunity to take on the essence of Pestilence, which I have proudly undertaken.

My introduction to metal and rock came about when I was just a kid, with my parents and brothers listening to bands such as Queen, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Iron Maiden and AC/DC. From here my curiosity was taking control and I started to seek out more bands that could fulfill my tastes, which is where I discovered bands such as Pantera, Death, Megadeth, Korn and Strapping Young Lad.

Since joining the 4DJ’s as a Spawn DJ I’ve had the opportunity to play at Church of Rock (Romford), Amplify (Southend) along with other venues & nights, I had my first Bloodstock experience after winning the DJ battle 2010 and I have never looked back since and I never will. This I enjoy, and this I will ROCK!!


– Before entering the Ultimate DJ Battle 2010 I’d never thought about DJing at all untill DJs Death and War asked me if wanted to try out. I thought why the hell not! I could now turn my passion for music in another direction from listening to it, drumming and playing bass! I love DJing its like some kind of drug! I just can’t get enough of it! I’m so thankful for the chance to do it, it makes me happy seeing people rocking there bollocks or tits off to what I play for them! It’s a really special feeling and I can’t wait get back on the decks and give them what I’ve got again and again!
After a few years as a spawn I was offered the chance to become FAMINE and i haven’t looked back since

I have wide taste of music and always have my ear to ground listening for what’s coming!
Metal/punk/grunge/industrial/rock/hardcore/covers and so much more

Live, Love, Bleed, and Breathe music!